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Flooring is one of the more permanent aspects of your home – on average, consumers who live in a house for 20 to 30 years tend to replace the flooring only once during that time. As such, a 10-15 year expected lifespan on most flooring means that you’ll want to ensure that your floors stay in top condition, looks-like-new, let you avoid any unnecessary costs. Some flooring repair companies can help preserve your flooring in excellent condition; some specialize in fixing problems that may arise, or both. And if the worst happens, and you need to get a new floor installed, those flooring experts can help remove your existing flooring in preparation for new flooring installation, too. Variously, these experts are flooring repair, flooring removal, and flooring restoration and maintenance services companies.

In this article, we’ll highlight the differences between the missions and services offered by flooring repair, flooring removal, and flooring restoration and maintenance services companies, as well as discuss what each company does regarding specialized services in turn. 



Important to note that many of these services may go by other names, and some companies may perform one or more of these services. Additionally, full-service flooring installation companies may also offer some or all the services highlighted in this article. For more information, or to determine the capabilities of specific companies in your area, research is often the best bet. 


However, there are some differences between flooring repair, flooring removal, and flooring restoration and maintenance services companies and the differences are worth understanding, even if your local companies do not categorize themselves in the same way.


In general, these providers may be described as follows:


  • Flooring repair companies are mostly concerned with repairing floors, usually in the form of physical damage, rot, or similar. They may also work on subflooring as well. The goal here is to repair damage or issue that is already explicitly identified. It may involve some restoration work as well.
  • Flooring removal service companies are concerned with removing existing floors, whether damaged or just worn out.  That is usually necessary before the new flooring installation.
  • Flooring restoration and maintenance services companies offer two areas of service, including maintenance (professional cleaning, sealing, and similar tasks) of existing floors, or restoration of existing flooring, which may involve refinishing, resurfacing, applying new sealants or coating products, etc.


Flooring repair services are usually the first type of company to call if your floor has damage, especially physical damage. Whether it’s broken pieces of a hardwood floor, torn or damaged carpet, ripped, stretched, or compromised vinyl, broken tiles, cracked concrete, or anything similar, flooring repair services have the knowledge and tools to help set things right.


While the exact techniques used, as well as the areas of expertise, will vary from company to company and material to material, in general, flooring repair services seek to fix damaged flooring in place to avoid removing significant pieces for replacement. It often accomplished via cutting, removal, and replacement of damaged flooring parts. If it is not possible to match any suitable replacement material, flooring repair experts can often suggest decorative features that can be worked into existing flooring to camouflage the existing damage.


In the case of damaged subflooring structure, flooring repair services may need to remove a more significant part of the flooring, to get to the cause of the damage and repair it. In these cases, they may disassemble or uninstall pieces of the existing floor, and then replace it after their work is complete.


Unfortunately, in some cases, flooring repair services must be the bearers of bad news and let homeowners know that a problem is too significant to repair without ripping out the flooring in that room or area. In these cases, the company may be able to install new flooring themselves or refer you to an affiliated and trusted flooring installation firm once their work is complete.



By contrast to the other two types of services discussed in this article, flooring removal services are relatively straightforward in what they do. Typically, they are employed to remove existing flooring. It usually must be performed before the installation of new flooring.


Flooring removal services will safely and effectively remove existing flooring, as well as any underlying materials (under-padding, adhesive, tack strips, etc.). Usually, customers will need to remove any appliances and furniture from the area before their work, to allow for full access to the worksite. Once the flooring material is removed, as well as any other material, flooring removal services will often apply solvents or physical means to remove adhesives, cement, or other residues left from the flooring they just removed. That returns the floorboards or sub-flooring to a functional state, which can then dry out and be ready for the installation of new flooring materials.


In the case of existing concrete flooring that is intended for removal, heavy equipment may be required, and the process may be more extensive. That is atypical, however, for homeowners, and much more common in the case of businesses and industrial settings. In general, most homes do not have the kind of slab concrete floors that would need heavy demolition by flooring removal services, except foundation slabs or basements, and those generally don’t fall into the category of flooring that would be worked on by these companies.



Finally, the services offered by flooring restoration and maintenance services. These companies have two different prongs of expertise – maintenance on the one hand, and restoration on the other.


The maintenance portion of flooring restoration and maintenance services may involve many different functions, depending on the company. These can include cleaning services for carpet, tile, vinyl, concrete, and hardwood, offering professional steam or deep-cleaning that you can’t accomplish with consumer-grade products. It may also involve stripping, waxing, or re-sealing of floors, especially regarding concrete floors. For some vinyl flooring types, as well as carpet, flooring maintenance services may include stretching or leveling, to smooth out any bunching or creases that can develop over time from use, home settling, or other factors.


Often, these flooring restorations and maintenance services may also offer some of the flooring repair services that are more traditionally under the purview of flooring repair services. As much of the restoration work that they undertake crosses over into the flooring repair category, and they have a lot of the same skills and equipment, it should not be surprising that many flooring restoration and maintenance services companies also offer various types of flooring repair. Additional maintenance tasks may include minor flooring repairs or touch-ups, such as replacing a broken tile, re-grouting of tile, buffing or sealing concrete or wood flooring, or similar.


On the restoration end of things, flooring restoration and maintenance services will often offer several types of restoration options for worn out or aesthetically compromised flooring. That is especially true for long-term flooring options like hardwood, concrete, and tile, as opposed to vinyl or carpet, these are more often replaced than restored. For hardwood, flooring restoration can involve replacing damaged flooring pieces and flooring refinishing/resurfacing work. Flooring refinishing and resurfacing involves the physical or chemical stripping of existing finish and sealants until it is down to bare wood, and after that new stain and sealant can be applied. That allows restoration or modification of the existing flooring to a new color or type of stain, giving the option for a change in décor without changing out entire floors. The same holds true with concrete flooring, where most often chemical strippers are used, and after a new stain or paint finishes applied to the concrete, before final re-sealing and polishing. For tile floors, without swapping out the tile, sometimes restoration may include removing existing grout and re-grouting or adding a protective sealant layer after a deep cleaning.



In conclusion, there is a wide range of services available for the maintenance, restoration, repair, and removal of flooring. Whatever type of flooring you have, and in what condition it is, experts from flooring repair, flooring removal, and flooring restoration and maintenance services can provide the services needed to fix, restore, or remove your existing flooring in preparation for new flooring installation. They’ll know best if your existing flooring can be repaired, salvaged with a restoration, refinishing, or resurfacing, or if it is beyond repair and must be removed and replaced with the new floor. Ultimately, using these companies can help you save time and money, they provide you with an accurate assessment of your floor’s condition, and the prospects for flooring repair or restoration before work commencing. With some expert help and a little tender loving care on your part, your floors should be in like-new condition in no time!



Concrete Flooring Repair

Often floorings made of concrete. Concrete floors are incredibly robust and stable. However, they are at risk of damage, too. Cracks can also appear in the concrete. If the concrete was not laid or finished correctly, damage could occur. Heavy loads cause damage to concrete floors. If the floor gets damaged, you should hire a concrete flooring repair service provider. If the damage is left untreated, the problem can get worse. It is advisable to consult concrete flooring repair, refinishing contractors, concrete flooring repair services. Those professionals know concrete inside out and can offer help on the correction of the current problem. They also suggest ways to prevent future concrete flooring damage.


If a concrete floor installed correctly, it is almost immune to significant damages. If cracks appear in the concrete, you need to call in a concrete flooring repair service provider. This damage happens from contraction or expansion of the concrete. It is not a structural problem but looks unsightly. Concrete flooring repair can improve the situation. Bits of concrete can flake away. If something is dropped on the concrete before it is dry, this can cause damage, too. Concrete construction services do not always finish correctly. Concrete flooring refinishing, repair services can correct all these issues.

If concrete floors develop depressions, they need filling. The concrete flooring repair service will remove any protruding material and then add a cement mixture to fill in the hole. As chemicals can be involved, you need to employ a concrete flooring repair service for this job.

The concrete flooring refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services will keep the area wet when filling, as any dry areas can cause future cracks to develop. The area left to dry to avoid shrinkage and then flattened. When the surface is drying, the concrete flooring construction, refinishing services will keep the area wet. Once they are satisfied that the concrete flooring construction, refinishing is complete, the area leveled and coarse particles removed.

Anomalies sometimes show up after concrete flooring construction, refinishing, repair. It’s vital to employ the most professional concrete refinishing, repair contractors, and concrete flooring refinishing, repair services provider.

The concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair service pros investigate the underlying problem before beginning. Once the cause of the damage assessed, the concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair service pros offer the best remedy. Sometimes it is necessary to reinforce the concrete flooring with steel to prevent further damage.


You see a crack, or a bump and decide that you need a concrete refinishing repair contractor or concrete flooring repair services. What causes the damage? Many factors could be to blame. Concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services evaluate the situation and act accordingly.

  • Rust and corrosion of steel inside the concrete – causing expansion of the concrete and subsequent cracks. Investigating concrete flooring repair in this instance is vital.
  • Freezing – water seeps into the concrete and freezes, small chips break off – called scaling.  It could ruin the concrete.  If your driveway treated with salt in icy weather, this leads to more damage. Concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services offer advice on how to prevent this from happening again.
  • Dry shrinkage – cracks form in the concrete if proper joints have not installed.
  • Plastic shrinkage cracks – these forms when concrete not dried out properly when laid. One needs to call professional concrete refinishing, repair contractors, and concrete flooring repair services when this occurs. The cracks are not structurally dangerous but look unsightly.
  • Blisters – if the concrete not finished when laid, blisters can occur. Concrete refinishing, repair services will smooth these areas out.
  • Heavy loads – if the concrete reinforced with steel, it is because when concrete cracks, the steel bears the weight. If no steel is in place and the concrete supports heavy loads, significant cracks form. These need immediate attention from concrete flooring refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services.


Which concrete flooring repair you choose, depends on the damage to the concrete. These are some of the issues that concrete flooring repairs can help.

Small cracks and surface damage

These issues are unsightly but may not be structurally dangerous. You will use concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services because the area that is damaged is on view and you are unhappy with the finish. An overlay can be applied if the problem is not overwhelming. The concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services perform a partial repair, taking out the damaged area and replacing it. Alternatively, the concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair provide a full repair, taking out the old concrete and replacing any steel reinforcement. Depending on the position of the concrete flooring and the reasons for the damage, concrete flooring refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services employ the relevant solution.

Structural Repairs

You need to use concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring, refinishing repair services for structural repairs. This damages the integral structure of a building. Professionals assess the cause of the damage before undertaking concrete flooring repair.

One can fill deep structural cracks, but cracks will form elsewhere if the ground is unsound or heavy loads regularly applied to the floor. Concrete flooring refinishing, repair services identify the causes and recommend the best course of flooring repair, refinishing for you.

If the damage is very severe, the concrete must be removed and replaced. The concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services ensure the rest of the building is sound before attempting any work. Preparation is essential for any concrete flooring repair. It helps to repair the immediate problem and to prevent future damage. It saves you time and money in the future and the need for calling concrete refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services.


Concrete flooring refinishing services offer concrete flooring repair for homes or commercial buildings, both interior & exterior. There are a variety of finishes that concrete flooring refinishing services can provide, depending on your preference and the type of floor that finished.

Polyaspartic coatings

The benefit of this type of concrete refinishing services in the short time they take to dry. They are very durable as a coating, and one can use the floor in a matter of hours. The coating is suitable for a concrete flooring refinishing service in any weather, and at any time of the year.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Another concrete flooring refinishing service is Epoxy Floor Coating. It provides a durable finish as well and is resistant to slips, chemicals, and temperature changes. There are many options for finishes and colors, and it is easy to install. Concrete flooring refinishing services can advise on this.

Polished Concrete

A concrete flooring refinishing service can polish concrete. Concrete be finish with a high shine, and it is easy to clean and to maintain.

Concrete flooring refinishing services can overlay an existing concrete floor with a different finish. You may choose concrete flooring refinishing services if you decide to make a different decorative effect for your concrete floor, or if you need flooring repair service.

Concrete Protection

Concrete needs protection against future damage. Concrete flooring refinishing services can prevent water damage or damage from chemical spillages. In some buildings, this protection is required to conform to safety standards. You can seek advice from concrete flooring refinishing contractors and concrete flooring repair services on how to achieve this.

Decorative Concrete flooring Finishing

Concrete can be a dull surface, and concrete flooring refinishing services often offer decorative finishes. You may choose a stamped finish. One can install it by the concrete flooring refinishing services as an overlay. If one selects an option, a new concrete applied with a stamped pattern incorporated into it. Concrete flooring refinishing services have many patterns to choose from the list.

The concrete refinishing services may suggest a stained effect. One can achieve it with a water-based or acid stain. It can be highly decorative, and some concrete flooring refinishing services can incorporate a logo into the stained floor for commercial buildings.

Epoxy finishes are popular in areas with heavy footfall. Concrete refinishing contractors and contractors often provide this finish in warehouses and showrooms. The decorative finish one wants, one can achieve, but the surface should also be durable and resistant to damage.